Welcome to the VANTAGE website

Vantage CS:GO team is a reality
With a great deal of work from the players and the management behind the team, we are proud to present the new “player” in town.
The team is supported and managed by Gamers Elite.

Team lineup for the 2018 season from left to right:
– Patrick “Neffo” Schmølker
– Casper “POX” Stybert
– Frederik “An4K” Thostrup
– Christian “phoxyy” Friis-Holm
– Nicolai “NKgaard” Kammersgård

The team is sponsored by:
J. Jensen A/S
HD lab
Carl Ras

For more info about the team, please don’t hessitate to reach out to us on hello@teamvantage.dk

The team is associated with Hillerød Esport