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Welcome to the new Vantage line-up

We welcome our new line-up: Peter “OzA” Nielsen Sune “zYNC” Kristensen Martin “miko” Olsen Dennis “Zyllo” Sørensen Daniel “Vaz0r” Nørremark


Vantage WINNERS of the danish 2. division

The team managed to take the victory in the Danish 2. division. It was a floorless season by the team, and with a score of 7-0 we managed to go thru the season without a single loss.


We are ready to start playing in the Danish division system

Vantage is now ready to play in the Danish Corsair 2. division, hosted by The season starts in August 2018, and we will be in group with the following teams: HFK eSpuma Singularity Acd. Brutalis.First ITC Division Nova Young Tricked U16 We are really looking forward to start playing in the division and are…


Welcome to the VANTAGE website

Vantage CS:GO team is a reality With a great deal of work from the players and the management behind the team, we are proud to present the new “player” in town. The team is supported and managed by Gamers Elite. Team lineup for the 2018 season from left to right: – Patrick “Neffo” Schmølker –…